General Questions

What is Mountain Blood?

Mountain Blood is certified and ethically sourced shilajit in its purest edible form. (More...)

How is Mountain Blood made?

The mountains create it over millions of years. (More...)

Why is Mountain Blood so effective?

It's a natural superfood in perfect balance (More..)

How can Mountain Blood help me?

Every cell and organ in your body require minerals in order to function, and many people today are mineral deficient. (More...)

How do I use Mountain Blood?

Let it dissolve under your tongue, or mix with your preferred drink! Best absorbed together with fat. (More..)

Is Mountain Blood safe?

Yes, very much so! (More...)

Which nutrients does Mountain Blood contain?

It is said that shilajit contains an abundance of minerals in their most bioavailable form (More...)

What is the main function of Mountain Blood?

Shilajit has been used top support many processes in the body, so there is not one main function we can tell you (More...)

What does Mountain Blood look like?

Extremely dark brown, almost black (More...)

What does Mountain Blood taste like?

Strong, smokey and slightly salty (More...)

I've heard that shilajit can contain high levels of heavy metals. Do you independently test Mountain Blood for this?

Yes, we do! And the levels in Mountain Blood are extremely low. Lower in fact than many foods we consume (More...)

Are there any contraindications?

Do not consume shilajit together with chlorinated water. (More...)

What is shilajit in Ayurveda?

The energetics of shilajit (More...)