The Nature Provides family

Together, we form Nature Provides, a little family run business, determined to bring nature's own remedies to you. We believe that nature provides us with all that we need, and she always has. We just have to remember the old ways.



GavinI spent the early part of my career as a graphic designer and in 2006 decided to leave that profession to set up Europe’s first ‘bubble tea’ manufacturer and supplier. Until that point, bubble tea had been an entirely imported product and given its popularity in Asia, the quality wasn’t to the level we expect here in Europe. Full of sugar and artificial ingredients, we set out to change all that and ‘Chooba’ was born - the first bubble tea in the world to only use natural ingredients such as milk and honey.

It was towards the end of this venture when life and my health took a different turn. I began to suffer from constant dizzy spells and extreme tiredness. Not knowing at the time whether I was simply ‘burnt out’ or suffering from some type of auto-immune disorder, I began to look into alternative healing modalities and methods. During a 6-year period, I tried just about everything you can imagine. I tried everything! I was a guinea pig for myself and I was determined that I would either heal myself, or die trying.

My search for health eventually took me to the Himalayas in India where I met an Ayurvedic Doctor who prescribed me my first taste of shilajit. It wasn’t pleasant, but something about this sticky black resin told my body “this is right - this is just what I need” - after just a few weeks, I started to notice my energy levels had increased, and after 3 months I was feeling absolutely amazing. I knew so many people also suffering from this ‘undiagnosed malaise’ and I knew that they needed this magical stuff in their lives too.

When I returned to the UK, I contacted my sister, Rachel, a qualified Nutritionist and asked her what she knew about shilajit. She explained the science behind why I had begun to heal and it was during that conversation, we knew what we had to do. After over 3 years and further visits to India and the Altai Mountains to find a supplier, we are now selling this amazing ‘elixir of life’ as Mountain Blood - and I just know that it’s going to help those of you out there that are experiencing the same health issues that I had. You can heal, and I know that from personal experience.



Rachel Kelly : nutritionistI was born and raised with my brother (and now business partner) Gavin, in East Yorkshire. I moved away to study Theatre at university where I met my husband (and business partner) Peter. Theatre was fun, but after moving to London to pursue this career path, I quickly realised it wasn’t my true passion. Jobs in investment banks and local government followed, but I knew there was another path I should be following.

Peter and I decided to take a career break and travelled for one year from Russia, to Mongolia, China, New Zealand, Australia and India. Hoping I would find my true passion and calling whilst travelling, I was lucky to realise it in New Zealand on a chance meeting. Having always been interested in health and good food, when speaking with a new found nutritionist friend, I decided at that moment, I would train to become a Nutritional Therapist when I returned.

Completing my Diploma at the CNM in 2014, I began practising in the beautiful village of Forest Row, where biodynamic food is plentiful and the Ashdown forest is on our doorstep for long walks. I love my job and I take great satisfaction from sharing my knowledge, getting to the root of health issues and empowering people to achieve their optimum health. I'd finally found my true passion. 

I'd heard about Shilajit through my studies and I knew of it's many amazing benefits, but I had not yet tried it.  When I took my first dose of what we later came to call Mountain Blood, I had a boost in my energy levels within minutes. Something I'd not found in anything else. It was an entirely different boost than you'd find with caffeine. After only a couple of weeks taking it, I felt more balanced, energised and focused. 
As a busy mum of two under 5 year olds, Mountain Blood shilajit enables me to ensure I'm reaching good levels of micronutrients and also allows me to stay energised. And, being an adaptogen, it allows me to deal with the demands and stresses of being a mum. Well, most of the time anyway..!

When my brother, Gavin suggested forming Nature Provides, it seemed like the most natural next step and I'm so excited to be on this journey - bringing you the best and most powerful of nature's offerings.


Moraea Myrgren JohanssonI was born in Sweden. When I grew up I had the great privilege to study in a Steiner school, where I from an early age learned to see the world from a holistic perspective, and that good health and wellbeing is all about the balance between Head, Hand, and Heart, or as some say - Body, Mind and Spirit.

I spent my early twenties traveling south Asia, touring Europe with my indie rock band, and setting up an independent record label in Malmö, The Do It Yourself culture has always been close to my heart, and it is a mindset I keep with me. It is my responsibility to create the world I want to live in.

A few years back I started working in a holistic permaculture farm that functions as an after school program. I learned about herbs, beekeeping, natural health, and swapped knowledge with the children and the adults visiting the farm. This is where I really started to open my eyes to the abundance of nature, and how we can integrate old knowledge into our modern world.

First time I was invited home for dinner with Gavin, he let me try some Mountain Blood. We have a Swedish expression for the emotions that ran through my body when I tasted it - skräckblandad förtjusning. The translation is something like terror mixed with excitement. I now crave the bitter taste of shilajit, and to get me going I start every day with Mountain Blood instead of coffee. I am also the living evidence of the enchanting powers of this stuff - Gavin and I are now a couple, so there’s a tip for the first date.

When Gavin told me how he healed with the help of shilajit, it all made sense. The remedies and the healing exists around us. We don't need to create them in labratories, it's all sorted for us.  I am so proud to be part of this family business together with Gavin, Rachel, and Pete!


Business Exec.

With a fairly conventional upbringing in London, I continued that trend to study Business and Technology, which happens to be where I met my future wife Rachel. Aside from my studies, health and fitness have always been important to me. I have participated in more sports than I can remember. And, my latest pursuit is open water swimming.

I have in the past tended to take a more mainstream approach to health, food and medicine. However having learnt much from Rachel, and feeling the improvements through our healthier life style, I came to realise that conventional is not always the right approach to living optimally. We are all unique; one size does not fit all.
I made changes to the way I eat, seeking out foods which have undergone little or no processing. I also began to realise that it is not always possible to get everything the body needs purely through eating well. And this is where I began to take Mountain Blood in addition to an active and healthy lifestyle. Mountain Blood, in my view, is a catch all superfood, providing the body with any potential missing nutrients. When taking Mountain Blood I have noticed an increase in energy, stamina and concentration. I found myself telling people about how great I was feeling, so starting Nature Provides and sharing Mountain Blood with you all, was an easy decision to make.