What is Mountain Blood?

A natural mineral pitch that bleeds from the mountain cracks.

Mountain Blood, commonly known as shilajit, is ancient plant matter that has been pressed and preserved between mountain rocks for millions of years. Mountain Blood is essentially shilajit in its purest edible form, sourced directly from the Altai Mountains in Siberia. The pitch is known as a master herb in the Ayurvedic practice and Traditional Chinese Medicine that rejuvenates both body, mind, and spirit. Alexander the Great fed it to his soldiers to increase their strength and stamina. Greek philosopher Aristotle praised its healing powers. It is used by Russian cosmonauts and Olympic athletes for the same reasons.

Even the monkeys love it

Yes. Trust the wise langurs to know a good thing when they try it. Villagers in the Himalayas discovered shilajit through the local monkeys. The villagers noticed how the biggest and strongest monkey were the ones that picked shilajit from the mountain cracks!


Shilajit monkey

From various time periods and traditions all over Asia and Europe people report amazing health benefits from taking shilajit. The scientific answer is that it's packed with over 85 essential minerals, vitamins and micronutrients - all of which are super bioavailable. This means the body picks up the nutrients and can utilise them where they’re most needed. It is thanks to its high levels of Fulvic Acid, that the body can transport the goodness directly to the cell.

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When the body can pick up the nutrients, minerals and vitamins exactly where they are required - your immune system grows strong - you heal, awaken, and you start to feel alive again! No wonder the Indian yogis call it the Elixir of Life.